Les Piqûres D'Araignée by Vincent Delerm

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
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LPM 10
Les Piqûres D'Araignée by Vincent Delerm

In France, Vincent Delerm became a star overnight with his first album. At first, he almost acts in an old-fashioned way like a typical chansonnier at the piano. The audience is fascinated by Delerm's delicate lyrics and he actually could have stuck to this formula for success. However, Delerm is now playing with the newly discovered possibilities, arranging more and more of his songs, and for his third album "Les piqûres d'araignée" he hired Swedish producer Peter van Poehl (previously AS Dragon, Bertrand Burgalat's Tricatel house band). The result is, as perfectly illustrated by the cover, a bright pop album on which Delerm not only sings about the lack of seating in Naples but also about Steffi Graf's legs. An immensely loving and optimistic work. What we are still waiting for is his live premiere in Germany. We are doing our best!

Neil Hannon (The Devine Comedy), whom Delerm adores, sings as a guest star on "Favourite Song". In the video for "Sous Les Avalanches" he wears a Le Pop Musik T-shirt.

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