Le Pop 5

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 25
<span class="compilation-title">Le Pop</span> <span class="compilation-number">5</span> by

One Le Pop 5 the label has once again proven that they have the Midas touch. This is where the career of Coeur de pirate started in the German speaking world. In France, two songs - "Comme des enfants" by Coeur de pirate and "Ton heritage" by Benjamin Biolay - were subsequently named Chanson of the Year at the Victoires de la Musique (the French Grammy). Marianne Dissard exclusively provided an early version of "La peau du lait" for the compilation. The wonderful Armelle Pioline is represented here twice: once as singer of Holden and then as the duet partner of Bastien Lallemant. And Albin de la Simone brought a very prominent guest singer to the microphone: Vanessa Paradis, in whose live band he was playing at the time.

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