Le Pop 4

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Le Pop Musik
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<span class="compilation-title">Le Pop</span> <span class="compilation-number">4</span> by

That was a wonderful time. It seemed as if there was a competition in the scene for elegance and beautiful productions. Therefore Holden had their third album artfully produced by Uwe Schmidt (Senor Coconut, Atom Heart) in Chile. Vincent Delerm released "Les piqûres d'araignée", which was recorded together with the Peter van Poehl, and which was his most pop-like album with references to the sixties. The Canadian Pierre Lapointe made the transition to noble pop with opulent string arrangements. With "L'horizon", Dominique A created his very own sound painting inspired by a visit to Greenland. And then there was the enchanting Barbara Carlotti, whose debut was produced by Tricatel boss Bertrand Burgalat (who was an artist on Le Pop 1). We had a lot of fun putting the compilation together.

Le Pop 4 is sold out in stores, the digital edition is discontinued. You can still order return copies directly from the label. Only while stocks last.

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