Le Pop 3

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 05
<span class="compilation-title">Le Pop</span> <span class="compilation-number">3</span> by

Albin de la Simone sings "J'ai changé !" on Le Pop 3 and that is the motto of many of the artists represented here. Camille has reinvented herself after her debut and released possibly the most radical work of French pop with "Le fil". Vincent Delerm no longer just plays the piano keys, but ventures into more opulent arrangements and Alexis HK bids farewell to his previously more traditional interpretation of the chanson. On the other side, there is more rhythm, more danceability and more tempo in the new French scene in general. This is also the case with Toma, whose crisp, groovy "Tabatha" can only be found on Le Pop 3 to date. This was also the first appearance of Frédérique Dastrevigne, who is now known as Fredda. Le Pop is still delighted to chronicle the development of the scene.

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