Toutes Mes Aventures by Fredda

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
Catalog ID
LPM 14
Toutes Mes Aventures by Fredda

Fredda has been a gifted singer and wonderful songwriter from the very beginning. "Toutes mes aventures" is her debut album and has the character of a very versatile episodic film. She recounts how she waits for Barry White songs at the discotheque, describes her job as a sleeping car conductor ("Hôtesse wagon-lit") and tells the story of the coming-out of a young lesbian ("Les rose des filles"). She sings about things she loves ("J'aime") and a one-armed bandit ("Bandit manchot"). But no matter what the subject, she creates little movies in the mind of the listener, brought to life by the samples, string arrangements and beautiful melodies that are used.

Ever since her song "Barry White" was featured in the US series "Suits", the early music of Fredda has been rediscovered again and again.

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