Le Pop Encore!

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Le Pop Musik
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Le Pop<span class="compilation-devider"></span> <span class="compilation-subtitle">Encore!</span> by

Le Pop Encore! is a retrospective of the early era of nouvelle chanson. When Fredda debuted on Volume 3, when Mélanie Pain was only known as the singer of Nouvelle Vague, when Ludo Pin crossed indie hip hop grooves with Chanson, when Holden enraptured the press and franco fans with their cinematographic wide-screen sound, when Jérôme Minière discovered the cheerful groove for himself and when Françoiz Breut enchanted audiences outside of France for the first time. Le Pop Encore! brings together the first four editions and the two specials "En duo" and "Les Filles", all of which are no longer available, and sheds new light on this wonderful period. Because it was so beautiful: Le Pop Encore!

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