L'ancolie by Fredda

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
Catalog ID
LPM 35
L'ancolie by Fredda

A dream team. The two main protagonists of this album met in 2007 during the Le Pop tour (with Fredda, Pascal Parisot and Holden). Fredda was touring for the first time under her name and became friends with Holden guitarist Mocke Depret. On "L'ancolie" they get along almost blindly. Depret's delicate style of playing accentuates the melodies and caresses the tender vocals of Fredda, who comes into her best form as a songwriter. "L'ancolie" is the French name for the columbine flower, a poetic metaphor for melancholy. And as beautiful as the title is, as flawless has the album of the same name turned out.

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