La Chirurgie Des Sentiments by Françoiz Breut

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 36
La Chirurgie Des Sentiments by Françoiz Breut

Three years after the predecessor "A l'aveuglette", which was created together with her band at the time, Breut is once again breaking new musical ground: "La chirurgie ..." is the result of a close collaboration with guitarist Stépahne Daubersy and the sound wizard brothers Nicolas and Fabrice Laureau (Don Niño, NLF3, Bright Eyes, Long Fin Killie). The result: 11 songs that span a wide stylistic range. "Michka Soka" is inspired by the East African high life. The hymn to her chosen home "BXL Bluette" shines through an indietronic loop and the Michael Hurley cover "Werewolf" becomes an intense and atmospheric haunted painting as a result of her arrangement. All of this created to show the world once again the unmistakable beauty of her voice.

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