Cœur De Pirate by Cœur De Pirate

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 28
Cœur De Pirate by Cœur De Pirate

With her debut Béatrice Martin became the new superstar of neo chanson with her stage name Cœur de pirate. She was only 18 when she released her first songs on her myspace page and was discovered by her label Dare To Care, to which she is still loyal. Her first hit was "Comme des enfants" (also on Le Pop 5) and it took the whole francophone world by storm. In Germany, a small feature on ZDF heute-journal ensured further coverage. The songs captivate with their classical beauty and enchanting simple arrangements. Blogger Perez Hilton summed up the fascination that emanates from this album: "We have no idea what she sings about, but it's beautiful." German speaking buyers of our release are one step further, because we have translated the lyrics.

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