Blonde by Cœur De Pirate

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
Catalog ID
LPM 33
Blonde by Cœur De Pirate

In retrospect, Cœur De Pirate aka Béatrice Martin has created a small masterpiece with "Blonde". After the explosive start of her career as a chanson girl at the piano, the audience was eagerly waiting to see how the second album would turn out. For many artists this proves to be the most difficult moment of their career. But for Mademoiselle Martin it didn't seem to be a real obstacle. "Blonde" became much more poplike, as proven by brilliant hits such as " Danse et Danse" "Golden Baby" and "Adieu", and yet she didn't stray too far from chanson: with "Place de la Republique" she even conjured a classic of the genre out of the keys. By the way, former Arcade Fire member Howard Bilerman is responsible for the elegant sound.

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