Le Pop 6

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Le Pop Musik
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<span class="compilation-title">Le Pop</span> <span class="compilation-number">6</span> by

France is the homeland of the chanson. But that's only part of the truth. There are five artists on Le Pop 6 who hail from Quebec, Canada. And almost every song on this compilation has distinct influences from other parts of the world. Caracol, for example, is following the tracks of Jamaican reggae. Marianne Dissard celebrates her adopted home of Tucson, Arizona, Féloche draws on his role model Dr. John in Louisiana and JP Nataf has a clear American West Coast influence. Only the grandiose "La Maison Ronchonchon" by Alexis HK is as French as Asterix comics, Boule and Pastis. All this makes Le Pop 6 extremely entertaining and amusing.

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