Mambo Mexicano by Orkesta Mendoza

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Le Pop Musik
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LPM 34
Mambo Mexicano by Orkesta Mendoza

When their debut was released, the band was known as Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta, after its creator and mastermind. Mendoza (still a band member and songwriter for Calexico) started the cover project Mexrrissey with Camilo Lara (Mexican Institute Of Sound) and the enchanting duo Los Hijos de La Montaña with Luz Elena Mendoza, before renaming his main band Orkesta Mendoza. "Mambo Mexicano" is very reminiscent of the original Mambo and traditional Cumbia. On this album the band has a fantastic drive, a very jazzy sound and with singer Salvador Duran a second great frontman in their ranks. After "Mambo Mexicano" two more albums were released on the Glitterbeat label. Recently, Salvador Duran was replaced by Brian Lopez .

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