Le Pop 9

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Le Pop Musik
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<span class="compilation-title">Le Pop</span> <span class="compilation-number">9</span> by

The new chanson generation, modern and completely renewed #

Attention - here comes the new blood! A new generation of artists is setting out to stir up the pop scene in France. With no respect, full of musical ideas and incredibly talented. It's not for nothing that the compilation Le Pop 9 is subtitled "au début": 16 brand-new artists from France are introducing themselves here, all of whom have never appeared on a Le Pop before. Artists, some of whom are still waiting to release their debut album, but who are already causing a furore in their home country. "Le Pop 9: au début" breathes fresh air from the neighbouring country. A contemporary sound characterizes the current scene and ensures that creative chanson-pop can be rediscovered in all its facets.

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