Sanguine by Naim Amor

Record Label
Le Pop Musik
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LPM 21
Sanguine by Naim Amor

Frenchman Naïm Amor has been living in Tucson, Arizona for a long time. Just as his ex-wife Marianne Dissard's debut album "L'entredeux", "Sanguine" was produced under the direction of Joey Burns (Calexico). After the separation from Thomas Belhom, with whom he formed the Amor Belhom duo, he made a new start with "Sanguine" and switched to the genre chanson. So far, he had mainly released wonderfully dreamy imaginary soundtracks as a soloist and performed at jazz concerts with changing line-ups in Tucson. All this can be heard here, which makes this cocktail of chanson, jazz, film music and the heat of Arizona an ideal accompaniment to lazy summer days.

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